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Beginner Check-List

Below is a comprehensive list for starting your fishing journey. As well as this list there are other blog posts to help figure what gear and supplies are best for you.

  • ___ Fishing License (or try it out on a free fishing day!) Most anglers over 16 need a license. They can be purchased at any sporting goods store or online through the state. Most of the funds from fishing licences go back to conservation.

  • ___ Tackle box. Convenient way to carry around lures and other gear.

  • ___ Net (optional) Helps get the fish from the water onto the boat or shore.

  • ___ Camera. I use my phone camera but its great to document your catches before returning them to the water.


  • ___ Fishing Pole and reel. See the rod and reel post for more information on this

  • ___ Line, hooks and lures. See the Post about Lures and line.

  • ___ Pliers. To unhook the fish safely a good pair of needle nose pliers is incredibly helpful.

  • ___ Live bait (optional).


  • ___ Snacks

  • ___ Hand wipes or a towel to wipe hands after catching a fish

  • ___ Scissors or knife to cut line if it snags or you want to change your lure

  • ___ Map of the area

Shore Fishing

  • ___ Chair to sit if you are leaving the bait in the water

  • ___ Hiking boots. Sometimes you will need to walk through a little bit of water to get to a good spot.

Boat Fishing

  • ___ Life jacket

  • ___ Fish/depth finder

  • ___ Trolling motor

  • ___ Anchor

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