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Hot for the Hot'n'Tot

Storm Hot'n'Tot

This is one of the best all around crank baits I have used. Coming in at least 23 different color patterns and 2 sizes with running depths between 5 and 20 feet deep you can cover all your bases using these amazing baits.

Cast'em or Troll'em Fish Love'em

The silver and blue with the red lip is my go to crank when I am exploring new waters, its fast action vibrations create a flashy target that no fish can resist. Whether I am casting into shore for pike or bass, or trolling the edges for Walleye the Hot'n'Tot manages to pull up any active fish in the area.

The design of the lip and placement of the attachment spot gives it amazing action in the water, and as an added bonus when trolling its very easy to tell when you've hooked up on weeds or a fish because that classic vibration changes or stops. It pulls well in the water and is best used at a medium troll and/or a fast casting retrieve.

The versatility of these baits is outstanding, I have brought in 20 inch Large mouth Bass casting over sunken islands in the spring, 25-30 inch lake trout trolling them behind a 2 oz weight in the dead of summer, and trophy Walleye and pike from May to August on the Hot'n'Tot.

Keep the Hits Coming

The Hot'N'Tot is as durable as they come. The only time I have had to replace one is after a long summer on the water and the hundreds of fish that it brought in for me began to ware away at the paint job. Overall this lure can take a beating and still keep the fishing coming. It'll go ten rounds with any species and win.


With prices ranging from $5.99 to $7.49 the Hot'N'Tot runs on the lower end of hard crank baits, and is exceptionally well priced given the durability and success of the lure.

Overall Review

The Hot'N'Tot is a vital addition to any anglers tackle collection. With a large color selection, vast running depth, outstanding durability it is a front runner in lures that will consistently work and bring in the fish that you are looking for. I am giving the Hot'N'Tot a solid 5 out of 5 lures, and highly recommend.

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