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Ice Fishing Essentials List

Its starting to cool down and we are looking forward to ice fishing season. Check out the list below to see all the essentials for getting out on the ice this winter.

  • Warm Clothes-Snow pants, jacket, gloves, hat, gator, scarf, boots. To stay warm.

  • Auger- hand powered or gas/propane/electric powered. Most essential tool, needed to drill holes into the ice.

  • Ice fishing poles and reels. Much smaller that typical fishing combos.

  • Jigs ranging in size from 1/16 oz. to 1 oz. In different styles.

  • Comfortable places to sit.

  • Tip-ups.

  • Rod holders.

  • Ice scoop.

  • Ice sled.

  • Camera

Optional Ice Fishing equipment.

  • Portable Pop-up or Ice fishing house.

  • Fish-finder.

  • Line bells.

  • Portable heater.

Getting all the gear you need will be around $200, maybe a bit more depending on the auger and if you need new and or warmer winter gear. Ice fishing is another great way to get out on the water even when there is a layer of ice between you and the fish.

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