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Kastkings Perigee II Rod Review


  • 6 Feet 6 Inches

  • Fast Action

  • Medium

  • 7 Eyes + the Tip

  • 2 Pieces


The Kastkings Perigee II is a solid rod, it has a carbon fiber body and pairs incredibly well with the Kastkings Sharky III spinning reel. It comes with two upper halves which is very nice for an easy replacement if one breaks. Breakage is very unlikely, this rod can handle pretty much anything. from pan fish to Steelheads and anything in between. The Rod has good sensitivity while trolling and jigging, and the shorter height allows for powerful casts and excellent control.


While trolling with the Perigee II, the action of the bait can be felt and seen in the tip of the rod, it is very sensitive to anything in the water making cautious fish easier to detect. For a 6'6" rod it has above average trolling ability.


While not necessarily designed for casting the Perigee does a good job with it. The fast action allows the more flexible upper third to add distance to the casts and the stiffer lower body to control release and lure trajectory.


The Perigee II can be found between $49-$69 depending on the store, given its all around ability for casting, trolling and jigging and its durability this makes this rod a great buy.


5 of 5 Lures

Given the durability, all around success and great for any occasion the Kastkings Perigee II gets 5 out of 5 lures from the Lakemonster Fishing Staff.

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