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Kastkings Sharky III Spinning Reel


  • Comes in 5 sizes, each with a 5:2:1 gear ratio

  • 10 Ball Bearings

  • Max drag for the three smaller models is 33 lbs while for the two larger models 39 lbs.

  • Ability to switch handle to left or right side.


The Sharky 3 is a sturdy well built reel that is incredible smooth and quiet. Pairing with the Perigee II the Sharky is a wonderful reel for all purpose fishing, the drag is easily adjustable for any occasion and the smoothness of the retrieve is great. This reel is durable, and can fight a wide array of fish very well. It's built to be resistant to water and dirt getting into the chamber and reeking havoc to the interior of the reel.


The Kastkings Sharky 3 ranges between $50-$60 depending on the model. Bringing it as one of the best spinning reels in that price range.


After two years of heavy use the Kastkings Sharky 3 is dependable and still retrieves quietly and smoothly like it came out of the box yesterday. Winning this affordable versatile and durable reel 5 of 5 lures.

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