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Knot Tying: Albright Knot

The Albright Knot works very well when you need to connect two lines of different diameters and or types of line. The orange line is the thicker line and the green line is the thinner line.

Step 1. Line up the ends of the lines.

Step 2. Cross the thinner (green) line over the thicker line.

Step 3. Loop the thicker line (orange) over the green line.

Step 4. Bring the end of the thinner line under the loop.

Step 5. Bring the end of the lighter line up and over the top of the loop.

Step 6. Twist the lighter line around the thinner line and the heavier lines loop 7 to 10 times,

Step 7. Pull the end of the thinner line through the remaining space of the thicker line and pull the knot tight.

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