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Welcome to the Lake; Get ready to catch your Monster.

The Pre-cast

LakeMonster Fishing is a fishing blog and website where I take my 23 years and counting experience fishing and blog about catches, fish species, lakes, weather patterns, review lures and gear and share it you. Fishing and being on the water has been a passion of mine since I could hold a fishing pole. I have spent thousands of hours out on the water, and researching techniques to bring in the biggest fish in the lake. The chase never ends and I am still looking for bigger and badder fish to catch. In the meantime I will be posting about past catches, new techniques and my thoughts on the best way to catch trophy fish. I won't be sharing all my secrets but I am willing to part with a few in the hopes of helping others reach their goals of bringing in a LakeMonster.

In the future I hope to sell custom lures and rods. So keep coming back for up dates on sales and merchandise.

Chasing the Monsters

It all started when I was three years old and I got my own kids fish pole with the closed reel with a picture of Snoopy and Woodstock on the rod. From there I have grown my collection into 7 or 8 kits and a fairly large tackle collection to go along with it. From a trolling set up with a line counter to a 9 foot fly outfit I have all the bases covered. One of my first memories which is the one that got me hooked on Northern and Musky was when I was five years old and was out fishing with my grandpa and my cousin. We were trolling Mepp's Minnow number 5 and I caught a 27 inch northern pike, almost as tall as I was at the time. From then on I was obsessed with catching the biggest fish, asking for subscriptions to In-Fisherman, Walleye Insider and Muskyhunter magazines. I would spend hours looking over a table of open magazines reading articles and taking notes about where and when and what weather was best for each species of fish.

I started journaling about each of my fishing ventures. It is really helpful to go back and look through trips on the water, I jot down the weather, water clarity, what we used, where we fished and what we caught. So when we go back to those spots I have a good idea of what worked. There is so much to learn. Each time on the water it will reveal a little bit more of itself, and you will never learn them all, but by keeping notes you'll get close.

Close Encounters

There are always the ones that get away. The ones where the drag screams out, and the fight lasts 30-40 minutes and you get a big flash of scales just deep enough to be out of view, and then the line goes slack. Be it shook free or a bad knot of broken line, your heart sinks. There are the follows where a log sized pike or musky trails all the way to the boat only to stick its nose up at the last second and sink back to the bottom, not to be tempted again. We've all had experiences like that and they can be heart breaking, like the fish are taunting you. So you try harder and usually, that will pay off.

Then there are the successes, that moment you get that 20 Smallmouth into the net after several suspenseful jumps. Or the big ol' laker coming up from the depths trying to spin and shake the bait. The times you win, and get that fish onto the boat or up on shore with you are amazing. These close encounters with monsters are memorable, the good and the bad. I can play almost all of them back with ease, what lures I used, where I was, what the weather was like.

When I was ten a 20 inch bass slammed into a brand new white worm that I was trolling, I was with my dad and uncle. It was a sunny Fourth of July weekend, we were trolling up against a drop off. The bass jumped trying to shake the worm twice, and I got it into the boat. These memories are unforgettable and for me they only fuel my chase to get more and find more trophy fish.

Hook, Line and Sinker

With this website and blog I hope to inspire more to chase their LakeMonster, to document my search for bigger badder once in a lifetime fish and to share some of my knowledge about fish.

-Happy Chasing

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